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Fr Moorcraft to Fr Connelly: Management of Walsingham Shrine and Parish Accounts

Detailing the handling of monies between two accounts - Walsingham Shrine and Parish.
Bishop Grant's donation of £1000 will appear on the Appeal sheet.
Whilst it might be easier for bookkeeping purposes to merge the accounts, they will be kept separate. Hence all income from covenants will be credited to the Shine unless specifically received for the Parish. Copy of letter to new Parish Priest.

Moorcraft, Gerald William Rev (1936-2011)

Fr Phillips to Canon Tonks: Wymondham Accounts for 1928. Requests £75 to balance next year's.

The covering letter introduces the accounts for 1928. He asks for £75 anticipating overspend in 1929. The accounts show two columns: Receipts & Expenditure. Receipts include Guest in presbytery (£51) and donation by Fr Phillips of £175. Expenditure includes Housekeeping (£75) and M/Cycle & Bicycle (£44).

Phillips, Thomas Kemp Rev (1883-1947)

[Fr Wilson] Development Fund balance

Balance of income and expenditure for Walsingham Building Fund
Reverse: Income & Expenditure of Various (East Anglia) Diocesan Accounts 1979/1980

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

Jackaman to Canon Tonks: Aldeburgh Land - Conveyance to be signed; request details of any charges

Canon Peacock informs them that the Bishop is in the area - he can be asked to sign the Conveyance to Mr Smith. The deed will be forwarded to Fr Parker. Any charges on the land? The vacant land is assumed not to have rates or taxes and Mr Smith will provide the balance of the purchase money. Supporting statement received from Mr Reade for his commission: "I beg to say that I was asked to find a customer for the land and having done so am entitled to usual commission for the same. As nothing had been said about commission I thought it best to mention the matter before deducting the amount but I did not suppose for one moment but that your client would be willing to pay it." Jackaman say that if this is the case then the commission seems fair and reasonable.

Jackaman & Sons

Linda Walduck to Mr Warwick: Final Account

page 1: covering letter for attached account, hoping the Shrine Council are satisfied with explanations and appreciate her position. No commission received on any fittings or fabrics. Only monies received was a paid account in June 1989 for £762.63
page 2: Invoice (time, printing, expenses) amounting to £1072.85

Walduck, Linda

MacIntyre & Co to Fr Williams: Accounts for 1997

Cover letter for draft accounts. Some handling information. Enclosures [not present] also include a draft letter of representation, Example set of charity accounts, Trustee's report, statement of recommended practice. Also enclosed a set of notes on the accounts. Trust Deed allows for Fr Williams to be both a Trustee and paid employee, although salary must be declare din the accounts.

MacIntyre Hudson

Macintyre & Co to Fr Williams: Audit of Accounts for 1997

Cover letter for audit comments fro accounts of 1977. As this is the first year to which the Charities Accounting Regulations apply they have focused on disclosure compliance. No major problems with the accounting system. The complexity of the Trust's activities means that the VAT is equally complex. Need to exercise caution because failure to declare VAT can have significant penalties. Retain supplier's statements at least until after the audit is complete. Invoices should be entered as soon as they are raised to show an accurate sales ledger balance.

MacIntyre Hudson

Michael Ward to Bishop Clerk: Walsingham - Accounts and accountability

Michael Ward is unhappy about the method of accounting. Walsingham is doing very well but has a large volume f money which needs more sophisticated accounts. Who is accountable? Walsingham has to be made extra diocesan. Impress on Fr Connelly that you would like to see the accounts and go through them to see what Ward is worried about.

Ward, Michael R W (-1995)

Michael Ward to Fr Wilson: Payment and final account

Message: "Many thanks for your helpful letter. Downtree [Rowntree?] will have to be paid. I will speak to Wingat[e] about final account There are very few defects to justify retention. Would you photocopy the final account and send it to the Appeal Office Michael"

Ward, Michael R W (-1995)

Minutes of Executive Committee, February 1997

Shrine Solicitor - a local solicitor has agreed; terms to be discussed
Accountant for Shrine - MacIntyres (David Clark) to be approached
Slipper Chapel Window - good progress, refitted, ready for Blessing in August
Preservation of 1948 crosses - report by Mr Rossi on state and preservation
Railway Track - Sacred Land Trust investigating grants; North Norfolk Council interested in the track and repair of the bridge
Agenda for Shrine Council

Broughton, Audrey Mrs

Minutes of Executive Committee, March 1996

Church of the Annunciation - furnishings may not meet the standards of the Historic Churches Commission
Slipper Chapel Window - Mr Rossi had presented to Historic Churches Commission - moving the Webb window, new window design adapted to fit East window - Fishers to present revised design; contract issues; no anti-vandalism measures; weather proofing considerations
Finance - end of year 1994/5 - two formats, 1 for management purposes, one to meet Charities Act.

  • Bishop to be paid a retainer for his visits
  • management accounts onto to Shrine council
  • McIntyres (David Clark) to be consulted over Charities Act
  • "pastoral care the responsibility of the Bishop of East Anglia"
  • Deed to be reviewed
  • Trustees to sign document (25 March)
  • Shrine does not have solicitors, Diocese will give advice in this respect

Broughton, Audrey Mrs

Minutes of Executive Committee, October 1997

Shrine Solicitor - Hayes and Storr appointed
Accountant for Shrine - MacIntyres (David Clark) appointed
Slipper Chapel Window - finished - thank you letter to Mr Fisher from Shrine Council
Railway Track - negotiations continue; hoped a bridge would be built
Centenary Report
Finance - Budget 1998 accepted; new organ - professional advice to be sought
Stations of the Cross - Agreed to have 15 crosses (£5,846) - Fr McBride to obtain one for committee to inspect - agreed signs and flags would be removed
Agenda for Shrine Council
AoB - Mr Rossi's letter with recommendations for the Stations of the Cross - need to de-clutter the Chapel of Reconciliation - improve lighting there; lease for car park

Broughton, Audrey Mrs

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