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Director's report, November 1984

Opening paragraph: Last report to Shrine Council before Fr Peter Allen SM takes over.
Preamble: The final report is intended to be as objective as possible "for the sake of 'building the Kingdom of God'"
Staffing: difficult times in reducing staffing levels for financial and managerial reasons. Manager employed to handle Bureau aspects. Guestmasters - included a Job description and recommendations about the role alongside the Manager's own
Faint and Trust: Bishop Clark wrote in 1981 "It is only because of mutual trust that we can collaborate." problems over trust has caused unhappiness, insecurity and concerns over the future. The Shrine Council has not maintained confidentiality as it aught.
Position and Authority of the Director: Urgent need for a clear job description and to have clear reporting/authority lines. Similarly for financial matters. Gives examples of where these have all failed.
Review of Management Situation: Financial, Staff administration, General Administration.
Walsingham Association: a growing organisation with certain influences and potential to become an independent commercial enterprise. The Shrine Council need to be aware and respond appropriately.
Golden Jubilee: expenses breakdown, Celebrations, Income.
Finances 1984/85
Walsingham Community
Piety Shop: Concern over service and articles sold. Goodliffe Neale experiment operating for a year (a year to go) and the promise to "eliminate 'plastic rubbish' has not been fulfilled.
Conclusion: Much achieved; administrative side leaves much to be desired; staff relations to be addressed; summary of Fr Birch's time at Walsingham "I shall never forget this unique experience and opportunity to grow in all respects. Thank you for that."
Note A: Staffing; comparison of 1981 and 1984 ; suggested organisation/reporting hierarchy diagram
Note B: Staff who left
Note C: [description of a personality clash and resultant implications]
Note D: Proposed Job Description for the Director of the Shrine
Note E: Job Description of Manager of Pilgrim Bureau
Note F: Suggestion for Central Banking System for Shrine and Bureau - to separate Shrine and Bureau monies and financial management
Note G: [Job Description for] Guestmaster/mistress
Note H: Estimates of Expenditure and Income - Shrine 19845

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM