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Account at Leiston Church

Account showing list of parish donors to buy the land; the hut (The Bishop); to build & equip. ; amount owing to the builder; extra costs for laying on utilities and equipment, fixing roof and installing fencing.
Debt owed £180


Account for Advertising - Walsingham Appeal

Bill for:
List of dates and amounts of advertising and where placed (Catholic Herald, Universe, Catholic Pictorial, Catholic Fireside, Novena, CWL Magazine, Pace)
Fee plus artwork at cost

Leonard F Noble & Partners

Account for Advertising - Walsingham Appeal

Bill for:
List of dates and amounts of advertising and where placed (Universe, Catholic Pictorial, Catholic Fireside, CWL Magazine, Pace)
Fee plus artwork at cost
Agency Fee counter-entry as a donation to the Appeal

Leonard F Noble & Partners

Annual Expenditure - March Mission

Balance sheet giving annual income vs expenditure. Two columns with headline items & financial amounts against each. Income: Rent, Offerings, Altar Society; Expenditure includes: rates, mortgage interest, Housekeeper salary & insurance, fuels, wine & candles, housekeeping

Clare, Wallace George Rev FRSA, FIGRS (1895-1963)

Boy Scouts & Cubs

  1. Boy Scout Camp attendance certificate - 18-8-1955 to 21-8-1955 at Hartford nr Huntingdon
  2. St George's Day Service booklet imprimatur 6-4-1955 compiled by Rev PW Corrigan National Scout Chaplain for England & Wales
  3. Scouts of Tomorrow, booklet, The Boy Scouts Association, 1956
  4. Bob-a-Job week 1957. Certificate £11/9/0d collected by 4th March Group.
  5. Invoice from Catholic Scout Advisory Council for Kiro Handbook (1); Wolf Cub Prayer Book (12); Scout Prayer Book (12) dated 16-2-1957
  6. Scouts Assoc. Census as at 31-3-1957
  7. 4th March Scouts Group Accounts - 28-2-1958
  8. Scouts Assoc. Census as at 31-3-1958
  9. Bob-a-Job week 1958. Certificate £11/13/0d collected by 4th March Group.
  10. 3rd Annual Sports meeting programme 9-7-1958 (March 4th colours White/Gold)
  11. Scouts Assoc. Census as at 31-3-1959
  12. March & District Boy Scouts Assoc. Accounts 31-3-1959
  13. The Scout Shop Catalogue. 1959


Buildings / Rent / etc.

Relating to the March Presbytery and rental properties: Letters from Fr W Clare (7), Fr L Allen(7), Canon Tonks(1), GF Stokes(1), AP Peacock(1), Ollard(2); Postcard from Fr Clare; Bills/invoices (15) from Insurance Co., Utilities & Councils; Agreements for construction and rent; Rent Account (1910 & 1911); Inventory (1941 - Fr Mortimer J Hanagan); Inventory (1948 - Rev W J Gaffney); Fr Gerard Collins to Bishop (Parker) - his critical survey of Chatteris house (11-7-1953).

Allen, Louis Rev (-1931)

Canon Peacock account with respect to Fr H Irwin SJ - supply at Aldeburgh

Page from the middle of an exercise book. Accounts for Fr Irwin's supply at "Aldeburgh cum Leiston" from 12 August to 16 September 1923. Includes sum of £7 requested by Fr Irwin for supply. Also "Charwoman for scrubbing down house on Aug 6, 7, 8th - 13/6d.
Canon Peacock owed £9.1.2 1/2 [presumably from the Bishop?]. "Accounts sent herewith... 26 September 1923." [to Canon Tonks?]

Peacock, Augustine Peter Rev (1864-1956)

Canon Tonks "workings" at Bishop's behest

Bishop asked Canon Peacock to check out monies paid by the Ursuline Nuns in 1919 and subsequent payments associated with that. The workings are split between Aldeburgh and Leiston and cover the period from 13 December 1919 to 10 September 1922.
13-12-1919: Nuns £100 received
2-10-1920: "Yorke purchase" £110
10-9-1920: "Advance to Fr D [Delaney] for Hut as chapel [Leiston] £100

Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)

Church Fete Account 1955

Accounts for Church Fete listing variety of income sources, including gate, stalls, sideshows, raffles. £300-15-0 profit; £9-6-3 expenditure.
Prepared by C S Mullan, Hon. Treasurer, Fete Committee.


Estimated Cash Flow as at December 1980

Cash flow for Slipper Chapel - 1980 May - December / 1981 January to October / 1982 March
Headings: Demolition / Piling / Main Building / Professional Fees / Fund Raising

Davis, Belfield and Everest

Estimates of Income & Expenditure - 1988/89

Page 1: comparison of income/expenditure: budget (87/88) Revised (87/88) Estimate (88/89)
Page 2: Appendix to estimates - expansion of 12 notes on page 1

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

[Fr Wilson] Development Fund balance

Balance of income and expenditure for Walsingham Building Fund
Reverse: Diocesan Finance Board agenda - 19 May 1981

Wilson, Peter John Rev MA FCA

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