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Fr Jolly to Bishop: Framlingham outline: Attendance; Finance; Transport; Room

Fr Jolly provides details about Framlingham.
Attendance: expect a congregation of 30-45 (1948 figures); weekly Mass preferred but monthly better in practice.
Finance: 30/- stipend; travelling expenses 10/-; £36/year from Major Rous covenanted for 7 years; donations and collections for future development.
Transport: use of bus and train; Major Rous will provide transport from Framlingham or Saxmundham - best time for Mass 8.30
Accommodation: not possible to erect a hut at the moment; People at Crown Inn are Catholics and we can use their convenient room whenever.

Jolly, William T Rev (-1982)

Major Rous to Bishop: Offering to help support a priest at Framlingham

Fr Jolly has asked Major Rous to advise the Bishop of his intent to support a priest when a mass centre is opened in Framlingham. He and his wife will find accommodation for a visiting priest either at his place or within the parish. A monthly mass at Framlingham will benefit those who cannot get to Aldeburgh or Woodbridge. Some cannot attend mass at all; children's religious education is sadly neglected. He enjoins the Bishop to provide a priest to say mass monthly at the Crown Hotel in Framlingham.

Rous, Peter Major (1914-1997)

Parishioner to [Bishop]: Accommodation for Visitation in October

"Ann", addressing the Bishop as "Alan", writes to offer accommodation for his Visitation in October. However, it will be with their friends as she has a family party to attend in London. An alternative address is offered with her friends whom the Bishop has met. Expects to see the Bishop for a nightcap and will tell him about their pilgrimage adventures.


Shrine Director report to Shrine Council

Post dated to 24-3-1980 to be current.
Slipper Chapel - plans accepted; submitted to Norfolk CC for approval; £150,000 legacy towards project, Nation Wide Appeal for £150,000
The Railway - to acquire fro m NCC for a Pilgrim Way - Mr Kellett to negotiate; Fr Carefull says Anglican Shrine would join in this project.
Ecumenism - Both Shrines' staff work and pray together.
Staff - turnover continues - new staff joining - Sister Kathleen thanked.
Elm[ham] House Development - bar remodelling; £50,000 cost; £30,00 from Marist congregation in buying Falcon House, £20,000 being found by Walsingham Association
Prayer Life of the Shrine - programme for pilgrimages and daily prayer
Facilities for the Sick - Swap of Pilgrim Hall for Old School House by 1st June
Accommodation - working towards 120 - currently at 105. John Hawkes retires next year, may take over part of Dow House and pilgrims use rest.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Shrine Director Report to Shrine Council

Slipper Chapel Development: Demolition, Selection of Main contractor, Appeal Committee, Appeal organisation, Launch, money raised so far (£200,000)
Bureau Finances - Since Jan 1990, Dow House Sale, Accommodation use
Ecumenism - New Anglican Shrine administrator, Altar, Anomaly of Two Shrines
Other Aspects - Sick, Holy Shroud
Shrine Council Constitution - Look at Guardians, Our Situation
1982 - Papal Visit?

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Forward Planning at Walsingham, report

Introduction - group of laity and clergy (most not on Shrine Council / Executive) requested by the Bishop to identify issues and suggest policies and priorities
Material Developments - accommodation
Material Developments - Shrine
Liturgical developments
National Standing of Walsingham

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Shrine Council Minutes. October 1994

  • GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-01-56
  • Item
  • 1994-10-15 to 1994-10-28
  • Part of Walsingham Shrine

Director's report - school visiting increasing; new accommodation in use; 2nd phase of development approved
Finance - approved by Executive Committee
Centenary Report - no meeting; diary to be started for Centenary Year
Slipper Chapel Cottage - many repairs required; no priest found to occupy; Mr B Baker (Sacristan) will move in
Sipper Chapel Window - agreed to replace East window; budget for £45,000 - new window and resiting of old.
Pilgrim Bureau - Phase 3 planning permission to be obtained
Coaches - still problems with residents complaining

Phillips, Murial Mrs

Shrine Council Minutes. March 1995

Director's report - Diocesan medal agreed for Mr Warwick
Finance - report presented
Sipper Chapel Window - design for window discussed; resolved and agreed design; existing window restored, reduced and re-positioned
Walsingham Trust - aligning financial accounts
Constitution - amends proposed and agreed
AOB - Four designs for the four Joyful Mysteries; need a lighter design; Guild will fund

Phillips, Murial Mrs

Director's report. October 1994

Report (2 pages)
Season - Dowry Pilgrimage led by Bp Clark and Cardinal Adrianus Simonis , Archbishop of Utrecht
New Accommodation - property behind Black Lion completed and open for use on 24 June
Finance - Summary of financial standing. 1994-5 budget approved by Executive Committee
Walsingham Association - decided to raise funds for new accommodation
Ecumenism - good relations with Anglican community; number of Guardians of the Shrine (Anglican) have been received into the Catholic Church
Staff - changes described
Liaison with outside authorities - Police and local Council concerned about coaches in the village
Appendix 1 - Pilgrimage Season (2 pages)
Appendix 2 - Estimates of Income and expenditure - 1995/95 (9 pages)

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. March 1995

Accommodation - new map for Pilgrims; roof repairs; property boundary discussions
Elmham House - bulk container for calor gas; table license
Walsingham Trust - Shrine to operate under Diocesan charity number - Walsingham Trust will need to be reviewed
Spiritual Theme - "Our Lady of Walsingham - Woman of Faith"
People - staff changes; Mr Warwick retiring; volunteer chaplains
Ecumenism - increasing number of ecumenical groups visiting Shrine; Anglican counterpart had to withdraw from some traditional ecumenical events in Walsingham

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Director's report. October 1995

Report (1 page)
Season - good weather; large number of groups; Bp Clark retired; Bp Peter Smith led Dowry of Mary Pilgrimage
Pilgrim Hostel - bar and cold cellar complete; tariff increase of 50p per night; work programme delayed to November
Finance - budget for 1995-6 approved by Executive Committee; essential work required for organ and public address system
Walsingham Trust - Shrine will continue to operate under the Walsingham Trust
Walsingham Association - think tank established for new membership drive
People - changes noted
Appendix 1 (2 pages) - Pilgrimage Report 1995 Season

Williams, Alan Rev SM

Papers for meeting

Pg 1: End April 1982 - Current financial situation
Pg 2: Five Stage or Year Plan
Pg 3: Plan of savings 1982
Pg 4: Staffing Structures - notes for Bishop, VG and Diocesan Treasurer only
Pg 5: Hierarchical structure - Proposed Line and Staff Authority and Relationship
Pg 6/7: Accommodation - Present and Proposed
Pg 8: Bishop Clark - statements and questions [to bring to Bishops attention?]

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Birch to Sue Ryder Foundation: Accommodation for disabled pilgrims

Writing to Chris Burch of the Sue Ryder Foundation about matters arising from accommodating a [severely] disabled individual. She had called the Marist Fathers three times for help but they could not gain access to the building. Fr Birch suggests a number of measures to ensure such guests are safe and cared for in the Sue Ryder place. The Pilgrim Bureau did not accept her booking because they do not have the faculties, although £250,000 is to be spent on improvements.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Ward Gethin & Co to Bishop Clark: Walsingham properties

Slipper Chapel may qualify for a grant - get Purcell, Miller and Tritton to investigate
Guisborough House - Sr Kathleen & Fr Connelly - use for accommodation
Eleven Houses owned by Hume Family - may be problems over Capital Transfer Tax - suggest transfer property to Walsingham Trust

Ward Gethin & Co

Claude Fisher to Fr Birch: Sick etc. Accommodation

Sell Wells' Priests' House; history of occupancy and use (Fr Gerry Hulme / Fr Symes / Marists / Fr Murphy). House not needed and the former Congregation Hall across the road is available to borrow when necessary.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Walsingham Association minutes, extract: Resolution re provision for sick pilgrims

Mr C Fisher, co-opted member, to move a motion regarding accommodation for the sick in Walsingham. Three paragraphs describing the background: Oddfellows Hall originally bought (via Gp. Cpt. Cheshire) as a Transit Hospital for sick pilgrims. Bp Parker insisted the Diocese take over the Hall and make provision instead of lay people. Some 4 or 5 years after Bp Clark requested this to happen, nothing has.

Walsingham Association

Claude Fisher to Bishop Clark: Sick / Handicapped Accommodation at Walsingham

He is aware of financial difficulties at Walsingham but this is nothing new in obtaining a hefty loan before Christmas - usually recovers by Mothers' Day in July. He has to stress the sale of Wells' priest's house would be a great gain. "'the ball' is in your court, where no doubt you collect such 'balls' [crossed through] problems!" There must be a number of presbyteries in the diocese which could be sold and replaced with smaller modern buildings more in keeping and convenient for the priest concerned.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

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