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Fr Campbell to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Additional candidate for Ordination at Beccles

Glad to accommodate another candidate for the ordination. A room made ready for the Bishop - sleep might be disturbed by a nightingale, recently returned. Options for a sermon - 10.30am or 6.30pm mass.
manuscript annotation: "Answered. 10.30 very well. No sermon, but you may read notices, Ep. & Gosp. at usual place. Will fall in with any arrangements for lunch; but give me a cup of tea & toast immediately after Mass. It more convenient to stay at St Benet's Ap. 26/26."

Campbell, Henry Martin Dom OSB

Fr Jolly to Bishop: Framlingham outline: Attendance; Finance; Transport; Room

Fr Jolly provides details about Framlingham.
Attendance: expect a congregation of 30-45 (1948 figures); weekly Mass preferred but monthly better in practice.
Finance: 30/- stipend; travelling expenses 10/-; £36/year from Major Rous covenanted for 7 years; donations and collections for future development.
Transport: use of bus and train; Major Rous will provide transport from Framlingham or Saxmundham - best time for Mass 8.30
Accommodation: not possible to erect a hut at the moment; People at Crown Inn are Catholics and we can use their convenient room whenever.

Jolly, William T Rev (-1982)

Major Rous to Bishop: Offering to help support a priest at Framlingham

Fr Jolly has asked Major Rous to advise the Bishop of his intent to support a priest when a mass centre is opened in Framlingham. He and his wife will find accommodation for a visiting priest either at his place or within the parish. A monthly mass at Framlingham will benefit those who cannot get to Aldeburgh or Woodbridge. Some cannot attend mass at all; children's religious education is sadly neglected. He enjoins the Bishop to provide a priest to say mass monthly at the Crown Hotel in Framlingham.

Rous, Peter Major (1914-1997)

Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Talk at UEA; accommodation at White House

Having been asked to preach at the Chaplaincy in UEA (University of East Anglia) on 28 October 1979, asks if he could stay overnight at the White House.
Also notes that his statement in the Times has stirred up a hornets' nest. "... Archbishop of Cardiff saying he agreed with every word of my statement; makes me feel I must have been gravely mistaken!"
Manuscript note that he'd be happy if Bishop Clark said no as he does not wish to impose.

Butler, Basil Edward Christopher Rev OSB (1902-1986)

Insley Will

Will of Miss Insley.
para 2 - list bequests to family and friends
para 4 - £900 for foundation of Masses for John Hickman and Miss Insley
para 5 - remaining estate: use of house for residence of a Catholic Priest; establishment of a Church within 10 years else a list of 23 charities to be beneficiaries
para 6 - burial in Hunstanton Cemetery

Insley, Alice Isabella Ann Miss (-1984)

Sr Kathleen to Bishop Clark: Request for overdraft

Sr Kathleen, as pro-Administrator, requesting permission for an overdraft else unable to pay wages this weekend. Extensive list of reasons as to why one is needed: maintenance; accommodation conversion; donations have ceased; 18 pipe bursts... "I admit I have been a failure at Walsingham, but have always acted in good faith and tried my poor best, although in complete darkness where most things are concerned and now shall be only too delighted if someone else takes over."

Caulfield, Kathleen Sister SM (-2006)

Ward Gethin & Co to Bishop Clark: Walsingham properties

Slipper Chapel may qualify for a grant - get Purcell, Miller and Tritton to investigate
Guisborough House - Sr Kathleen & Fr Connelly - use for accommodation
Eleven Houses owned by Hume Family - may be problems over Capital Transfer Tax - suggest transfer property to Walsingham Trust

Ward Gethin & Co

Sr Kathleen to Bishop Clark: Overdraft; Walsingham Association fundraising

Fr Wilson would not provide a loan; due to arrange an overdraft but deposit cheques arrived and Fr Rimmer has promised £1000.
The Walsingham Association have promised to raise funds for this building. Maintenance men will fix the windbreak at the outside altar.

Caulfield, Kathleen Sister SM (-2006)

Walsingham - Accommodation Publicity

Small collection of literature relating to pilgrim accommodation at Walsingham - Youth Hostel, Pilgrim Bureau, Elmham House, etc. Most undated; 2 at 1980. Produced by the Pilgrim Bureau, probably with the approval of the then Shrine Director.

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh

Shrine Director report to Shrine Council

Post dated to 24-3-1980 to be current.
Slipper Chapel - plans accepted; submitted to Norfolk CC for approval; £150,000 legacy towards project, Nation Wide Appeal for £150,000
The Railway - to acquire fro m NCC for a Pilgrim Way - Mr Kellett to negotiate; Fr Carefull says Anglican Shrine would join in this project.
Ecumenism - Both Shrines' staff work and pray together.
Staff - turnover continues - new staff joining - Sister Kathleen thanked.
Elm[ham] House Development - bar remodelling; £50,000 cost; £30,00 from Marist congregation in buying Falcon House, £20,000 being found by Walsingham Association
Prayer Life of the Shrine - programme for pilgrimages and daily prayer
Facilities for the Sick - Swap of Pilgrim Hall for Old School House by 1st June
Accommodation - working towards 120 - currently at 105. John Hawkes retires next year, may take over part of Dow House and pilgrims use rest.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Shrine Director Report to Shrine Council

Slipper Chapel Development: Demolition, Selection of Main contractor, Appeal Committee, Appeal organisation, Launch, money raised so far (£200,000)
Bureau Finances - Since Jan 1990, Dow House Sale, Accommodation use
Ecumenism - New Anglican Shrine administrator, Altar, Anomaly of Two Shrines
Other Aspects - Sick, Holy Shroud
Shrine Council Constitution - Look at Guardians, Our Situation
1982 - Papal Visit?

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Claude Fisher to Fr Birch: Sick etc. Accommodation

Sell Wells' Priests' House; history of occupancy and use (Fr Gerry Hulme / Fr Symes / Marists / Fr Murphy). House not needed and the former Congregation Hall across the road is available to borrow when necessary.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

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