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Fr Jolly to Bishop: Framlingham outline: Attendance; Finance; Transport; Room

Fr Jolly provides details about Framlingham.
Attendance: expect a congregation of 30-45 (1948 figures); weekly Mass preferred but monthly better in practice.
Finance: 30/- stipend; travelling expenses 10/-; £36/year from Major Rous covenanted for 7 years; donations and collections for future development.
Transport: use of bus and train; Major Rous will provide transport from Framlingham or Saxmundham - best time for Mass 8.30
Accommodation: not possible to erect a hut at the moment; People at Crown Inn are Catholics and we can use their convenient room whenever.

Jolly, William T Rev (-1982)

Major Rous to Bishop: Offering to help support a priest at Framlingham

Fr Jolly has asked Major Rous to advise the Bishop of his intent to support a priest when a mass centre is opened in Framlingham. He and his wife will find accommodation for a visiting priest either at his place or within the parish. A monthly mass at Framlingham will benefit those who cannot get to Aldeburgh or Woodbridge. Some cannot attend mass at all; children's religious education is sadly neglected. He enjoins the Bishop to provide a priest to say mass monthly at the Crown Hotel in Framlingham.

Rous, Peter Major (1914-1997)

Parishioner to [Bishop]: Accommodation for Visitation in October

"Ann", addressing the Bishop as "Alan", writes to offer accommodation for his Visitation in October. However, it will be with their friends as she has a family party to attend in London. An alternative address is offered with her friends whom the Bishop has met. Expects to see the Bishop for a nightcap and will tell him about their pilgrimage adventures.