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Bishop Butler to Bishop Clark: Talk at UEA; accommodation at White House

Having been asked to preach at the Chaplaincy in UEA (University of East Anglia) on 28 October 1979, asks if he could stay overnight at the White House.
Also notes that his statement in the Times has stirred up a hornets' nest. "... Archbishop of Cardiff saying he agreed with every word of my statement; makes me feel I must have been gravely mistaken!"
Manuscript note that he'd be happy if Bishop Clark said no as he does not wish to impose.

Butler, Basil Edward Christopher Rev OSB (1902-1986)

Claude Fisher to Bishop Clark: Sick / Handicapped Accommodation at Walsingham

He is aware of financial difficulties at Walsingham but this is nothing new in obtaining a hefty loan before Christmas - usually recovers by Mothers' Day in July. He has to stress the sale of Wells' priest's house would be a great gain. "'the ball' is in your court, where no doubt you collect such 'balls' [crossed through] problems!" There must be a number of presbyteries in the diocese which could be sold and replaced with smaller modern buildings more in keeping and convenient for the priest concerned.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Claude Fisher to Fr Birch: Sick etc. Accommodation

Sell Wells' Priests' House; history of occupancy and use (Fr Gerry Hulme / Fr Symes / Marists / Fr Murphy). House not needed and the former Congregation Hall across the road is available to borrow when necessary.

Fisher, Claude MBE KSG (-1985)

Executors to Bishop Clark: Insley Will - implementation of requirements

Progress so far: value of estate established at £330,000. Survey of area identified 158 Catholics - possibly 200 in total. Plan to refurbish the house - sufficient for an Oratory/Chapel in one large ground floor room. The can seek a priest to reside temporarily; he could say mass in a local hall. Hope then to be able to persuade the Bishop to build a church in the village. Fr Nesden is kept informed.


Fr Birch to Sue Ryder Foundation: Accommodation for disabled pilgrims

Writing to Chris Burch of the Sue Ryder Foundation about matters arising from accommodating a [severely] disabled individual. She had called the Marist Fathers three times for help but they could not gain access to the building. Fr Birch suggests a number of measures to ensure such guests are safe and cared for in the Sue Ryder place. The Pilgrim Bureau did not accept her booking because they do not have the faculties, although £250,000 is to be spent on improvements.

Birch, Clive Rev SM LGSM

Fr Campbell to Bishop Cary-Elwes: Additional candidate for Ordination at Beccles

Glad to accommodate another candidate for the ordination. A room made ready for the Bishop - sleep might be disturbed by a nightingale, recently returned. Options for a sermon - 10.30am or 6.30pm mass.
manuscript annotation: "Answered. 10.30 very well. No sermon, but you may read notices, Ep. & Gosp. at usual place. Will fall in with any arrangements for lunch; but give me a cup of tea & toast immediately after Mass. It more convenient to stay at St Benet's Ap. 26/26."

Campbell, Henry Martin Dom OSB

Fr James Walsh: Trip to Flanders - reunion

Establishing a time and place for reunion of those likely to go on the trip to Flanders. Bring old photos as Maggie Cooper will have her computer there.

Walsh, James Rev

Fr Jolly to Bishop: Framlingham outline: Attendance; Finance; Transport; Room

Fr Jolly provides details about Framlingham.
Attendance: expect a congregation of 30-45 (1948 figures); weekly Mass preferred but monthly better in practice.
Finance: 30/- stipend; travelling expenses 10/-; £36/year from Major Rous covenanted for 7 years; donations and collections for future development.
Transport: use of bus and train; Major Rous will provide transport from Framlingham or Saxmundham - best time for Mass 8.30
Accommodation: not possible to erect a hut at the moment; People at Crown Inn are Catholics and we can use their convenient room whenever.

Jolly, William T Rev (-1982)

Fr Walsh - Participants; Insurance

Less than 1 week before the trip to Normandy. Chasing late payers. Enclosing a complete list of participants - distributed across 3 hotels - and dining arrangements. Insurance certificate enclosed [not present] and a reminder to bring the E111 form. Request confirmation of preferred pick up point for the Chenery Coach.

Walsh, James Rev

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