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Bishop Parker to Fr McCormick: Motor crash; Final Christmas card

[headed notepaper for "Fox Den, Dorneywood Road, Burnham"]
Sorry to hear of Fr MvcCormick's crash - hopes insurance covers the wreckage - and that he takes proper respite and take rest here [Fox Den?]. Sends his Christmas greetings - "But please note this is my final [underlined] card, so keep for ensuing years! If I survive any!" Signed as Bishop "Emeritus"
postscript: "The Holy See ... asks retired Bishop, like me, to ignore the name of their old Diocese, as 'formerly' of it"

Parker, Thomas Leo Rev (1887-1975)

Bishop to M E Parnell: Who is using his name to spread rumours? Suggest you see Fr Delaney, talk to him and give him the cheque

Bishop would like to know who is using his name in such a manner. He denies ever having mentioned Mrs Parnell other than to ensure F Delaney could understood her better than the foreigners [sic] who preceded him. Suggests that her writing to delay the cheque shows a concern fro Fr Delaney. Hence she should take the cheque herself and talk to Fr Delaney and commiserate with him on his accident, otherwise reconciliation will be more difficult.

Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)

Bishop to Fr Reid: Bicycle accident

Shattered by FR Reid's wounded face (broken nose, broken glasses) following landing on his face: bicycle written off. Enclosed letters about ideas exchanged on the phone.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Reid to Bishop: Accident; Confirmation dates; Youth visit to White House

Relates the circumstances of his bike accident, not feeling well at the time (ME). Confirmation dates suggested in June - 18 candidates. Will talk to Fr Tom Murray about the Manifold matter - situation more complex that first thought. Hemsby Youth Group potential visit to the White House between 20th November and 20 December. All going well except for many crumbling marriages, Fr Denis Condon away on extended sick leave; Fr Hyland returns to help out for a while.

Reid, John Rev OSA

Fr Garnett to Canon Tonks: Policy Premiums; Retreat

Sending Canon Tonks the premium for the policy. Going on retreat at St Edmunds given by Fr Hugh Pope OP, Prior of Woodchester, a nice man I am told. "... retreats, usually depress me & do me no good I fancy...". Fr Cameron is here and it's a good opportunity as Old Hall is nearer and less expensive than further afield. "Fr Parker must have had a bad smash as I hear he can't say Mass yet."

Garnett, Ernest Edmund Rev (1872-1948)

Bishop to Fr Kerby: Visitation on 27/28 May 1989. Car accident. Full Timetable. Look after the house.

Bishop mentions an "unnecessary" collision which the insurers could regard as a write-off in spite of engine, transmission, etc. being unaffected. Wonderful visit with a full timetable. Parish community seems in good shape. Look after the house - the bathroom needs attention (could easily become a tip!). Grateful that Fr Kerby is to take Michael Stapleford this Summer as his pastoral director advises that he needs Catholic pastoral experience. Bishop will see Fr Kerby tomorrow.

Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)

Fr Kerby to Bishop: Car accident - insurance and repairs. Cheque enclosed. Will see the Bishop in Bury tomorrow.

"La veuve" is grateful for the opportunity to speak to the Bishop and that he said Mass for her husband.
Insurance form being sent to Fr Kerby. Mechanic inspected the damage as written a report. New door & rear panel to cost £5-600 with work charges being a further £5-600. Otherwise still drivable, but the door-post saved all from more serious damage. Cheque enclose and will see the Bishop tomorrow in Bury.

Kerby, Raymond Rev (?-2009)

Bishop McGuiness to Bishop Clark: Knights of Malta and Walsingham Hostel

Thanking Bishop Clark for the copies of correspondence with the Knights of Malta about their venture in Friday Market.
Reflecting on discontent with the Knights for not keeping Bishop Clark informed of their activities. They "... live in a different world from the rest of us poor mortals."
Sorry to note that Bishop Clark was ill and could not attend Mary's funeral; Bishop McGuiness was almost late himself after his windscreen was shattered by a pheasant from the Royal Estate.
Manuscript annotation: "a/d personally 9/11/83"

McGuiness, James Rev (1925-2007)