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              GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-1-17 · Part · 25 January 1825
              Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

              Lenten Pastoral Letter, signed by John, Bishop of Castabala Vic Ap
              Addresses the late Encyclical of Pope Leo XII; discusses multiplicy of sects, the existence of large numbers of printed documents, transmisison of faith through ritual, increasing crime rates.
              Marginalia: "Hence the usual Indulgences are not to be published this year" with respect to the general suspention of Penary Indulgences during the Year of Jubilee at Rome.
              addressed to "Rev Husenbeth, Cossey Hall, Norwich"

              Bishop's Office
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA42-01-02-19 · Item · 16 July 1973
              Part of The Sacred Heart Parish, Southwold

              No evidence that the silver bowl and altar frontal were in fact stolen, hence not reported to the police. So, cannot consider claim under Theft Policy. Regarding the money lost from the presbytery - as the offender has been apprehended and confessed a cheque for £50 (limited by policy) will be sent as settlement of the claim.
              manuscript annotation: "Copy for Fr Moorcraft"

              GB ARCHON 2913 PA46-01-07-25 · Item · 17 May 1976
              Part of St Mary Parish, Thetford

              Collection for Diocesan Poor Schools attached [£22.53].
              A burglary on 13 May when a thief entered by the sacristy window and they found the safe key. £100 of church money and £130 of his own money was taken. Please advise on how to claim on the insurance.

              Hacon, Francis Rev (-1989)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA46-01-07-26 · Item · 28 May 1976
              Part of St Mary Parish, Thetford

              Requests assistance in completing a "rather complicated" claim form. Reports that it was £200 church money as well as his own £130 which was stolen. Waiting for workman's account for the window repair.

              Hacon, Francis Rev (-1989)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA28-04-03-5 · Item · 2 August 1978
              Part of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, King's Lynn

              Need Bishop's permission to spend money (which they have) on maintenance and essential repairs. John Boon has sureveyed and obtained estimates from builders - Allflatts have the job. Social centre was vandalised and have been informed that the insurance did not cover vandalism as premiums too prohibitive for the Diocese to insure for that.

              Hammond, Leo Andrew Rev (1913-1999)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA46-01-01-9 · Item · 24 February 1881
              Part of St Mary Parish, Thetford

              Writing from St Mark's Daventry.
              Has had to turn away Mrs Hughes. Only two rooms furnished; all furnishings belong to her. The arrangement has come to a sudden and necessary end but has left the house in a miserable condition - the mission is not self-supporting. for a resident priest. From the £80 per annum he has to deduct £12-10 for cab hire and £12/£14 for the house keeper. A priest cannot keep a house on less than £100. What help is available for the mission? Little encouragement to work when we see debt of misery before us. Chapel window was smashed at 12 o'clock last night- thinks there is more bigotry or roughness than in the East.
              [Fr Smith has just been appointed to Daventry from Thetford].

              Smith, Walstan Rev (1877-1887)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA21-01-01-32 · Item · 26 January 1925
              Part of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour and St Edmund Parish, Hunstanton

              Asking for proof that a Fr Flynn exists in Hunstanton so that a friend's family member's will executors can send some money for Masses. Executors want proof as this approach has been fraudulently used by those posing as Priests to get help from Ireland. Her daughter was baptised at 24 hours old in Beccles by Fr Peter [?] just before he left.
              Manuscript annotation: "Answered, Congrats on "Margaret Mary"! Suggested that executors in Ireland cld send money for Masses to me, I wld sent it on to Fr Flynn at Hunstanton"