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              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-04-15 · Item · 7-3-1922
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              Disposition of deed, etc. is a matter for Fr Delaney and Canon Tonks to sort out. Fiance is nothing to do with Mr Yorke. Fr Delaney bought the 4 plots and the presbytery in his own name. They were conveyed to the Bishop and others; however, the plots were no longer needed once a new site was found. The same process has happened for this site - acquired by Fr Delaney, subsequently to be conveyed to the Bishop and others. Fr Delaney has deposited the deeds with the bank and paid a deposit because he was concerned not to lose the site. Sort it out between you and send on the deeds for the plots to settle with Mr Reade - it being a small matter but it is hindering things.

              Bertram R Yorke
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA03-a-01-02-3 · Item · 9 August 1929
              Part of St Benet's Minster Parish, Beccles

              Conveyance of the burial ground enclosed [not present].
              Note that a Deed dated 30 November 1920, Bishop of Northampton and Abbot Ford appointed Mr Joseph Robert Kenyon, Col. Todhunter, and Rev G B Hicks as Trustees.
              manuscript annotation: "Acknowledged receipt [?] to return in due time. Aug 13/29."

              Blount, Lynch, Petre & Colley
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-07-4 · Item · 1968-10-3
              Part of Walsingham Shrine

              Deeds and documents relating to the freehold property "Oddfellows Hall, Walsingham, Norfolk"
              6 documents listed from 1908 to 1 August 1956
              Initialled "WHH" [Cannon W H Hunting] on 3-10-1968
              [Reverse page - inverted - typed impression for a "Instalments and interest due on a loan of #100 for 5 years" c 31 March 1968]

              Hunting, William H Rev (-1969)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-04-14 · Item · 6-3-1922
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              How do things stand with reference to deeds in Aldeburgh? Has one to sell four plots to Mr W C Reade. The other for the church site is held in a bank without being signed by any of the trustees (Bishop, Peacock, Parker, Delaney). This should have been done before the transaction went to the Bank. How are we to know what has been purchased if we do not see the documents? We have no title to the property?

              Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-04-16 · Item · 13-3-1922
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              Mr Yorke has revealed that the deed for the Church is in Fr Delaney's name and held by the bank. Bishop cannot be asked to sign the deed of sale for the four plots without receiving this deed. Is Fr Delaney going to transfer the deeds as requested? Hope you are making a rapid progress towards complete recovery.

              Tonks, Joseph Rev (1863-1943)
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-07-15 · Item · 1970-10-14
              Part of Walsingham Shrine

              Purchase price of #15,750. Vendor's solicitors to be in contact soon - please deal with on our behalf. Property will be used for accommodation of those visiting Walsingham, as we develop Walsingham as a Shrine and Catholic Centre.

              Moorcraft, Gerald William Rev (1936-2011)
              GB ARCHON 2913 WSHR-01-07-16 · Item · 1970-11-25
              Part of Walsingham Shrine

              Plan enclosed showing boundary to be fenced - in accordance with covenant in the Conveyance of 30 November 1966. Fence has been erected so it just needs maintaining.
              manuscript note [Fr Moorcraft]: "Dear Mr K [Michael Kelleher] , Thank you for you letter of 25 November sending me a plan of this property. I enclose the contract duly signed as requested. Yours sincerely".

              Witham, Weld and Co
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA28-01-01-47 · Item · 17 June 1893
              Part of Our Lady of the Annunciation Parish, King's Lynn

              A problem has arisen regarding the conveyancing. "A deception" by the venors is revealed as the cellars (obtained by increasing the offer by £25) are really an entrance way to No 7 All Saints Street. Fr Wrigglesworth provides some background about Welwick House being a workhouse and connected with No 7. "The difficulty is more apparent than real". Mr Wilkin is very annoyed and will fight for the cellars but thinks the vendors knew all along; which means a right of way to No 7 will be necessary. includes a plan showing the area under consideration. Quite hot here - like Rome in July - hope rain comes soon. In the school with all doors and windows open the children can hardly breathe.

              Wrigglesworth, George Rev (1851-1900)
              GB ARCHON 2913 PA02-01-04-28 · Item · 27-3-1925
              Part of Our Lady and St Peter Parish, Aldeburgh

              Canon Peacock informs them that the Bishop is in the area - he can be asked to sign the Conveyance to Mr Smith. The deed will be forwarded to Fr Parker. Any charges on the land? The vacant land is assumed not to have rates or taxes and Mr Smith will provide the balance of the purchase money. Supporting statement received from Mr Reade for his commission: "I beg to say that I was asked to find a customer for the land and having done so am entitled to usual commission for the same. As nothing had been said about commission I thought it best to mention the matter before deducting the amount but I did not suppose for one moment but that your client would be willing to pay it." Jackaman say that if this is the case then the commission seems fair and reasonable.

              Jackaman & Sons