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            GB ARCHON 2913 PA38-01-03-17 · Item · 26-1-1910
            Part of The Sacred Heart Parish, St Ives

            The writer is directed by the Board of Trustees to ask for a reply to their letter of 15 December 1909. Fr Purcell is asked what arrangements he has made regarding the properties from which he receives rent. The writer call to Fr Purcell's notice that if the properties are not kept in good repair then "Mr Pauling, the great benefactor of your mission may cease to take further interest in the work at St Ives".
            [The letter ends at this point - it is an unsigned draft]

            GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-02-02-61-4 · Part · 19 February 2021
            Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

            Story 1: "Lottery windfall helps St Mary's mend leaking roof"
            "St Mary's parish in Great Yarmouth has received a grant of £148,598 from the National Lottery Heritage for repairs to a leaking roof." Story continues.
            Image of church roof with scaffolding
            Story 2: "Diocese takes stock of architectural heritage"
            "A comprehensive architectural and historical review of Catholic churches across the diocese of East
            Anglia has been published online as part of the major Taking Stock project. Taking Stock is an architectural and historical review of Catholic churches and chapels in England and Wales. The project is a partnership between the Patrimony Committee of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, individual dioceses, and Historic England." Story continues.
            Image caption: "Our Lady and the English Martyrs in Cambridge."
            Story 3: "Diss parishioners celebrate their heroic saint's feast day"
            "Parishioners in Diss gathered on 1st February for a virtual celebration of the feast day of St Henry Morse, known as 'The Priest of the Plague'. Judith Tooth reports. " Story continues.
            images caption: "Fr Alex Anaman outside the church and below, an etching of St Henry Morse which hangs in the church."

            The Catholic Universe (1860-2021)
            GB ARCHON 2913 PA40-01-02-2-1 · Part · 1977
            Part of Our Lady of Lourdes and St John Fisher Parish, Sawston

            Prelimimary (1 page): Introduces Sawston as a rural parish covering a large area. Total mass attendance at 4 church centres is 360. The booklet "A Time for Building" was taken by 110 parishioners. Parishioners met 4 times prior to a general fifth meeting. 40 people attended the smaller groups, 29 of whom were at the final meeting. A lay reader chaired the small groups and the Chairman of the Parish Advisory Committee chaired the final meeting - the parish priest was present for this. Each group submitted its own report.

            Report 1 (3 pages): Sawston Group - 4 sessions described; Findings: approve of discussion groups; how to contact those who had not attended this group; each group must have clear purpose, be open and ready to adapt.

            Report 2 (2 pages): Great Shelford Group - overall impression of "A Time for Building" is that it is a difficult read, not a positive basis for discussion, had little mention of Christ in His Church. Summary of discussion follow. Final paragraph says "We did not finish discussing the rest of the report but the general feeling ... was that if we were all better Christians the report would not have been necessary". Interesting that there was a call for greater understanding of the Bible - should be Bible study groups.

            Report 3 (3 pages): Little Shelford Group - 10 points followed by ".. the Laity could do more in the administration of the Parish .." but this was qualified by the need to take care to chose the right workers otherwise harm may emerge. A page of minority comments is followed by a half page addition which identifies Ecuminism as generally a good thing, but depored a decline in the recognition of authority, and the failure to stress authority and discipline was a serious omission in "A Time for Building".

            Report 4 (8 pages): Haslingfield and Harston Group - Could not obtain "The Church in the Year 2000" which was mentioned several times in "A Time for Building". The latter was "difficult to follow because it contained too many long and diffuse sentences, much jargon and a number of deliberate ambiguities. It was generally badly written and contained an apparent political bias". They looked at the membership of the committee which produced the booklet and consider that the absence of lay members from the shop floor or professions instead of the preponderence of social workers was reflected in the content and harmed the booklet. This group then examined in detail each section of the booklet: Preface & Introduction / The Church in England and Wales since Vatican II / Human and Material Sources / Mission of the Church / Development of the Right Attitudes / Formation, Structure and Worship / The Christian Mission in Different Life Situations / Mission for Caring Concern / Conclusions. This is followed by 3 pages of comments on the report.

            Sawston Parish Advisory Committee
            Ad Fratres
            GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-43 · Item · Christmas 1992
            Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

            1992; The Ageing Process - retirement; The Hugging Diocese; Ars December '92 - retreat organised by Tony Philpot; Tomorrow - what are we returning to; Women's Ordination - Church of England decision, enlargement of the ministry of women within its own specific and necessary role in the community; The New Situation consider the way ahead for the Anglican clergy who are ill at ease; Visitation - value of this programme; Death and Retirement - Frs. Hacon, Lynch, Houghton, Brophy, Howlin, Diamond, Bustin; Diocesan Development - developments in remote areas of the diocese, enormous expenditure in schools

            Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
            Ad Fratres
            GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-46 · Item · Christmas 1993
            Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

            "Catholic Anglicans" - increasing number of requests from anglicans, an answer to the prayers for church unity, anglican ministry in rural parishes ; Anglican Gifts - deeper and richer gifts of sprirtuality; Collaborative MInistry - leadership of the priest is more necessary than eve, await Paul Hypher's thesis at LSU on "collaborative ministry"!; The Church's Preoccupations - real and prayerful place in the church, understandings become deeper with the reducing rarity of female priests in the Church of England; Celibacy [3 sides discussion]- intimitacy not just genital but close companionship - [extensive quotes from The Catholic Times article by Rev Chris Brooks, priest and psychotherapist]; Diocesan News - Franciscans leaving Ipswich, new priests soon, retirements, appointments, purchase of the Convent of Notre Dame, Sisters departing, Latin America service, his own 25th episcopal anniversary

            Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
            Ad Fratres
            GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-02-47 · Item · Easter 1994
            Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

            The Lenten Letter - from the Holy Father, fear that events may impose a yet mopre rigorous call to fidelity; This Lent 1994 - not so an"awful" Lent as some think, concious of distress and pain of living true to our vocation; 14th May 1994 - 50th anniversary for the Diocese, 50 years of priesthood; Our Priests - Harry Wace, Peter Cansdale, ordinations at OLEM Cambridge, currently no candidates for the priesthood; Maundy Thursday Letter - Eucharist is the heart of the priestly life

            Clark, Alan Charles Rev DD (1919-2002)
            GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-5-2 · Part · Advent 1910
            Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

            Sudbury Parish address embossed on cover
            110: Notanda: Pastoral and Collection, Papal Documents (accompany [not present] this Pastoral Letter: 1. The Decree on First Communion, 2. "Professio fidei Tridentinae"),
            111-129: Advent Pastoral letter: Social Question, Leo XIII social policy, plea for non-interference, competence of the Church, position, City of God, No abdication, alleged failure of Catholicism as a social force, the Catholic Social Guild, non-Catholic movements; Northampton Dicesan Mission Fund: missions in March, Bletcheley, Brantham, Dunstable - church consecrations in Slough, Bungay, Sherringham - completed fabric and planned opening for St John's Norwich - new mass centres at Stoke Holy Cross, Chalfont St Peter.
            130: Report and Statistics, S. Peter's Pence, Association for the Propagation of the Faith (Rev Francis Ross, Organizing Secretary.)

            Keating, William Frederick Rev (1859-1928)
            GB ARCHON 2913 DEA-09-03-01-4-32 · Part · Advent 1901
            Part of Roman Catholic Diocese of East Anglia (RCDEA)

            Sudbury Parish address embossed on cover
            734: Notanda: Pastoral and Collection, Midnight Mass, Duplication, Peter's Pence, Teachers' Superannuation Fund, Report and Statistics, Remittance of Moneys
            735-743: Advent Pastoral letter - steady progress being made for the Poor Mission Fund; Olney has a new chapel, Weston Underwood a new presbytery, Stowmarket a new presbytery, High Fen (nr Wisbech) Fr Page needs alms to erect a small chapel for the large Irish colony. Thanks the unknown good lady building at her own expense the church at Lowestoft.
            745: "Prayer at the beginning of the year" - 40 day indulgence when said on the first day and first Sunday of the year

            Riddell, Arthur George Rev (1836-1907)
            GB ARCHON 2913 PA40-a-00-01-12 · Item · 10 July 1942
            Part of Our Lady of Lourdes and St John Fisher Parish, Sawston

            Re Sawston Hall, Cambridge. Thanks him for kind response to Dept's request. Asks him to assure Bishop Chapel will be allowed to revert to its proper function when security considerations permit, meantime RAF will put it to no other use.

            Air Ministry
            GB ARCHON 2913 PA40-01-01-3 · Item · letter 24-11-1986
            Part of Our Lady of Lourdes and St John Fisher Parish, Sawston

            "This letter is prompted by a deeply felt concern for our Parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, Sawston. " The endless consultation shows no evidence that their views are taken into account; Reports from "Called to Serve" attached. Concern over "The Laity Consultation" issued by the Cambridge Deanery - three issues are expanded upon in the letter: a) Priestless Parishes, b) Activation of the Laity, c) Parish/Deanery/Diocesan relationships. Also, "Requests for Articles" to be written by parishioners - what are the ground rules for such articles? Without clarity on how they will be judged and what activity might be triggered by them - this request may be innocent - but given the above they are concerned.

            Wildsmith, Alan