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RCDEA Archives
CB000 · Corporate body · 1990-

The RCDEA Archive was established in 1990
1990: Fr Michael Edwards
c2010-2011: Mrs D Cowton, Mrs M Fitzmaurice, Mrs V Rogers, Mr P Wiseman
??-2018: Fr Russell Frost
2018-present: Mr. Michael Hill & Mrs. Gillian Hill

Aid to the Church in Need
CB001 · Corporate body · 1947-

Aid to the Church in Need is an international pastoral aid organization of the Catholic Church, which yearly offers financial support to more than 5,000 projects worldwide. It aims to help Christians in need wherever they are repressed or persecuted and therefore prevented from living according to their faith. In June 2002 the charity was described by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope, then Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) as “a gift of Providence for our time”. He stated that Aid to the Church in Need had “…turned out to be one of the most important Catholic charities… It is working in a worthwhile manner all over the world. “Our world is hungering and thirsting for witnesses of the risen Lord, for human beings who pass on the Faith in word and deed as well as for human beings who stand by those in need.”

Stella Maris (2020-)
CB002 · Corporate body · 1920-

The Apostleship of the Sea was founded in Glasgow in 1920. At this time Britain had one of the largest merchant fleets in the world, employing many thousands of British seafarers. The Apostleship of the Sea ran large seafarers’ hostels in all the major port towns where seafarers could stay while their ships were in port, often for weeks at a time. Hundreds of volunteers from the local parishes were involved in providing hospitality and entertainment for seafarers in these hostels, which were always full.

Changes to business models and maritime technology changed the face of international shipping: ships became larger; ports moved down river; turnaround times for ships in port were reduced dramatically; crews became smaller; crews were recruited from developing world countries; owners registered their ships under flags of convenience.

Today’s seafarer is often only in port for a few hours. Thus they no longer need the reactive welcome of a hostel, but the pro-active outreach of a ship visit to assess practical needs, backed up by a modern drop-in centre inside the docks.

2020: The Apostleship of the Sea name was updated to Stella Maris.

Witham, Weld and Co
CB003 · Corporate body · 1935 - 2006

In 1791 two Catholic lawyers set up in business as Barrett and Eyston in Fig Court, one of the capital's lost inns. The Eyston family claimed collateral descent from Thomas More, a lawyer and a saint. In its early days the company allied itself closely with the movement for Catholic emancipation and the members of the Cisalpine club, launched to further the cause of the Church in England by playing down the authority of Rome. The association with the Witham family, some of whom were barristers since the early eighteenth century, came only in the 1830s. By 1900 the firm was operating as Witham, Roskell, Munster and Weld — a collection of names that not surprisingly gave way to the simpler Witham & Co in around 1935. But the Weld name reappeared when not long afterwards the company joined with another firm of Catholic solicitors based in Liverpool, run by the same family. It has been Witham and Weld ever since. In 2006, the firm of Pothecary Witham Weld was created following the merger of Pothecary & Barratt and Witham Weld.

Traditionally Witham Weld's Clients have been the Catholic church, its dioceses and clergy, and top people from the country's Catholic gentry and aristocratic stock.

CB004 · Corporate body · Founded 1986

Being Alongside’ (aka B.A.) is the operational name for the ‘Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health’, (APCMH), a Christian based, voluntary association of individual members and affiliated groups who recognise the importance of spiritual values and support in mental health. BA was founded in 1986 through the pioneering effort of Christian parents whose son was mentally ill. They wanted to raise awareness of the spiritual needs of people with mental health problems both in mental health services and in churches.

Ollard & Ollard (1903-2013)
CB006 · Corporate body · 1903-

JWA Ollard, Kenneth Ollard, Arthur R Ollard
c. 1903: Correspondence regarding land at Hunstanton
1912: Ollard & Son
1952: Ollard & Bentley in 1952
2001: Bowser Ollard & Bentley
2013: Bowsers Solicitors

Harrington, Bigham & Englar
CB007 · Corporate body · c. 1920 -

HARRINGTON, HOWARD SAWYER: Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 30, 1879; s. late Louis A. and Catherine S. Harrington; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1899; A.M., LL.B., 1902; m. Petersburg, Va., June 14, 1905, Anne Pickrell McKenney. Specialist in admiralty and insurance law, senior mem. Harrington, Bigham & Englar, lawyers. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. City Bar Ass'n, Maritime Daw Ass'n of U. S., Maritime Ass'n of Port of N. Y., Va. Hist. Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, St. George's Soc. of N. Y., Veteran Corps of Artillery, Soc. of the Cincinnati. Clubs: Calumet, Fencers, Ardslev, Sleepy Hollow, Whitehall, Columbia Univ., Racquet (Philadelphia), Royal Thames Yacht (London). Residence: "Berwick Hall," Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 64 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Bingar, Englar & Jones
CB010 · Corporate body · 1923-

1923 - engaged in testing validity of Bishop of Liverpool's claim against estate of Mrs May Ten Broeck

AJ Frost
CB015 · Corporate body · 1935-
JW Stallebrass
CB016 · Corporate body · 1923-

James William Stallebrass practised with father John Garner Stallebrass (1886-1921) and brother, Arthur.

Fenland District Council
CB019 · Corporate body · 1982

Contact 2-7-1982 with White House re March Presbytery - staircase work in contravention of building regulations