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P675 · Person · 1918-1997

1918: born
1936: novice at Downside Abbey
1937: clothed
1943: ordained
1943: Christ's College, Cambridge, to read History - gaining a double First
1946: Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
1948-1962: Housemaster at Downside
1962-1975: Headmaster of Downside
1975-1989: Beccles, parish priest
1975: Mayor of Beccles
1989: Downside as Abbot of Glastonbury
1997: died

Vermuelen, C Rev CRP
P670 · Person · 1926

1924/26 - writing to Bishop Cary-Elwes

P671 · Person · 1882 -1929

1926: writing to Bishop Carey-Elwes
Born in 1882, Stapleton-Bretherton at Fareham, Hampshire; the ninth child of Frederick Annesley and Hon. Isabella Stapleton-Bretherton.
July 1912, she married Lt. Cdr. Herbert Throckmorton at Brompton Oratory, London. They had five children

Sutch, Antony Rev OSB
P685 · Person · 2002-2011

?-2002: Headmaster, Downside
2003-2010: PP at St Benet's, Beccles
2010: returned to Downside

CB293 · Corporate body · 1233-

1929/1930: S M Scolastica OSM (Mother General) correspondence on opening a convent in King's Lynn
1952: Sr M Margarita, Headmistress St Mary's School, King's Lynn
1969: Servite Convent closed

P680 · Person · 1881-1965

28 March 1881: born
1901: clothed, Fort Augustus, Inverness
1902: professed
1908: ordained
WWI: Naval chaplain
1926-1929: prior, Portsmouth Abbey (Rhode Island, USA)
1929: elected Abbot
1937: re-elected Abbot
1939: resigned as Abbot
1940-1944: PP at St Benet's Beccles
1944: re-elected Abbot
13 April 1965: died

Christmas 1940: Abbot Knowles replaced Rev Fr G William Tate, OSB, who after two years in Beccles, was appointed priest-in-charge of St Mary’s Priory Church, Egremont, Cumberland

Kenyon, Mary Mrs (-1937)
P672 · Person · 1926

1926: writing to Bishop Carey-Elwes
?: born, Mary D'Arcy Kerr
1871: married J G Kenyon
1937: died

P662 · Person · 1843-1914

1843: born
1889: Inherited Gillingham estate
1914: died

John George Kenyon, a convert to Catholicism, inherited Gillingham Hall in 1889. On February 10th he wrote to Bishop Riddell stating his wish to have a “domestic chapel” for Mass and reservation of the Blessed Sacrament in his house – a large room would be easy to convert to this end. In due course he wanted to build a small permanent chapel. Dom Guy acted as the go-between and aided Mr Kenyon to realise his wishes.
Kenyon purchased the land in Beccles on which now stands St Benet’s Minster, St Benet’s School, the school playing fields, the hall and the presbytery bungalow. The buildings now on the site (except the Minster itself) were gradually constructed with the money given by John Kenyon, and the site was vested in Downside. The original intention was to establish a small Benedictine community (with four or five monks) in Beccles.
Private family worship for the Kenyons took place in their own small chapel inside Gillingham Hall, nearby. Eventually he built Our Lady of Perpetual Succour as a Chapel of Ease to allow Catholic families in the village of Gillingham, many of whom worked on his estate, to worship regularly without travelling to Beccles.
John Kenyon also bought a house in Grange Road, Beccles (near St Benets) for use by Dominican nuns, who staffed the school built by him.

Innes, M Benet Rev OSB
P681 · Person · 1953-1985

1953-1959: PP at St Benet's, Beccles
1959: appointed to Liverpool
1962-1985: PP at The Church of the Holy Ghost, Midsomer Norton, Somerset

Sept 1953: Appointed to Beccles in succession to Rev Rudesind Brookes, OSB, who is leaving after six years and going to the Mediterranean area. Rev Innes has been in California for two years. Formerly he was a housemaster at Downside where he taught physics and biology. He is in his early forties.

Hypher, Paul Augustine Rev
P173 · Person · 1957-

1957: Innsbrook seminary
1962: ordained
1977- : PP at Peterborough
1986: DEA - Commissioner for schools in Cambridgeshire
1993-1994: PP at St Benet's, Beccles
1994: St Joseph's, Southampton
1994-2003: St Etheldreda, Newmarket
2003: retired

Gowman, Martin Rev OSB
P009 · Person · 2013

23-6-2007: Ordained
2012[?]-present [2021]: PP at St Benet's Beccles
2013: produced a parish newsletter

P663 · Person · 1851-1930

1851: born
pre 1889: Prior at Downside
1889-1894: first PP at Beccles
1900-1906: First Abbot of Downside Abbey
1930: died

Coney, John E
P673 · Person · 1927

1927: writing to Bishop on the health of Fr C Banham