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Webb, Geoffrey Fuller
P523 · Person · 1879-1954

1948: correspondence re Slipper Chapel
Stained glass artist and brother to Christopher Webb. Geoffrey Fuller Webb trained at Westminster School of Art before working for C.E. Kempe and in partnership with Herbert Bryans for a short time. In 1914 he established his own studio in East Grinstead, Sussex. He often incorporated a spider–web “signature” with initials and the date.

Warwick, Bernard C
P439 · Person · 1982

1982: Manager of Walsingham Shrine from 1 December

P421 · Person · 1930-1995

1930, 19 October: born
1970: School Manager (St Martha's, King's Lynn)
-1973: Chair of King's Lynn Council of Churches
1978: Member of the Council of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
1995, 6 January: Death

Sr Pauline SM
P447 · Person · 1988

1988: Became member of Shrine Council for Our Lady of Walsingham

Shryane, Anthony Rev
P239 · Person · 1969-

1969: Ordained
1985-1998: PP at King's Lynn
1992: Member of Walsingham Shrine Centenary Committee
1998-2019: PP at Ely
2019: retired

O'Brien, M Sr SM
P457 · Person · 1996

1996: Member of Shrine Council of Our Lady of Walsingham

Murray, Peter Rev SM
P390 · Person · 2000

2000: 2 sets of photographs of events at Walsingham Shrine

Morgan, Dan B
P422 · Person · 1978-9184

1978-1984: Member of Council for the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham

  • November 1984: Chairman, Liverpool Walsingham Association
Milton, Anne Miss
P398 · Person · 1990

pre 1990: Welsh Office, Aberystwyth
1990-2012: National Secretary of the Walsingham Association

Kellett, Adrian MA KHS
P430 · Person · 1978-1980

1978: Member of Shrine Council of Our Lady of Walsingham
1979: Member of Executive Committee at Walsingham
1980: Member of Walsingham Appeal Committee

Jennings, David Rev
P261 · Person · 1977-2002

1977: Exchanging letters with Bishop Clark
1986: Writing re fundraising by Walsingham Association Norwich branch
1987: Leaving Walsingham to train as a priest

Hulme, Gerard Rev (-1978)
P436 · Person · 1951-1978

Canon Gerard Hulme lies in the same plot with his twin brother Mgr. Anthony Hulme. They were born in Salford, Lancashire. Their brother, Len, also became a priest. All six Catholic priests lying in Bedford Cemetery were born in England. Canon Gerard Hulme tragically was killed in a car crash aged 69. He was a priest of Walsingham (1951-1968). When Canon Hulme died he was priest of Our Lady’s church at Kempston.

P434 · Person · 1908-1987

1908: born
1939: ordained
1949-1959: Diocese of Northampton Travelling Missioner
1959-1984: Parish priest of St. Joseph’s, Bedford
1981: Member of Shrine Council
1987: died

Hackeson, Mark A Rev
P007 · Person · 1988-2000

1988: Written to as National Secretary of Walsingham Association

P393 · Person · 1969-1985

1969: Writing on behalf of the Director of the Shrine at Walsingham
1982: Facilities for the sick / disabled at Walsingham
1985: (died) requiem mass