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Ampleforth Abbey
CB223 · Corporate body · 1802-

In 1792 the monks were expelled from France during the French Revolution. About the same time, Fr Anselm Bolton was resident in a lodge at Ampleforth. He had been Chaplain to Lady Anne Fairfax at Gilling Castle, just two miles away (formerly the site of the Preparatory School). She had built Ampleforth Lodge for him just before she died, but in 1802 Fr Anselm handed the house over to his brethren to be their new monastery. In the following year (1803) the new monastery school was opened.
​In 1900 the major monastic houses became independent Abbeys with their own elected Abbot. At this time Ampleforth was a community of just under 100 monks and the first Abbot of Ampleforth was Fr Oswald Smith, who continued in office until his death in 1924. He was succeeded as Abbot by Fr Edmund Matthews, who appointed Fr Paul Nevill as Headmaster of the school.
At its height in the mid-1960s there were 169 monks in the community. The community is now a third of that. The monks continue to work in the schools, on parishes, and in the hospitality apostolate, offering retreats and courses to the thousands of visitors who come to Ampleforth each year.

Amis, Cross & Co
CB281 · Corporate body · 1989

1989: prepared accounts for St Benet's, Beccles

P341 · Person · 1925

1925: Mentioned in Abbot Egan's letter
Born 26 May 1864, Gibraltar; Died 1 October 1949. He studied at St Edmund's College, Ware, and St. Thomas's, Hammersmith. Ordained on 25 February 1888 - appointed assistant priest at Hammersmith from September 1892 to June 1896. He was afterwards at Ss Mary and Michael Church, Commercial Road, East London, first as assistant priest, then as rector from June 1896 to April 1901. Appointed rector of the mission at Walworth in the Archdiocese of Southwark. He was the founder of The John Fisher School in 1929. Consecrated as Bishop of Southwark by Cardinal Francis Bourne on 25 March 1904. Having received the personal title of Archbishop on 18 December 1937, he remained in control of the diocese until his death on 1 October 1949, aged 85.

Alty, D Mr
P216 · Person · 1982

1982: writing to Bishop Clark

Allen, Peter Rev SM BA MTh
P396 · Person · 1984-

1984: Discussions re Walsingham Shrine management and organisation
1985: being written to re concelebrating mass

Allen, Louis Rev (-1931)
P084 · Person · 1912

1912: Subject of correspondence / PP at March
1931: Died (Peterborough)

Allen, Judith Mrs
P178 · Person · 1986

1986: written to from Sawston Parish

All Hallows College
CB219 · Corporate body · 1842-2016

All Hallows College was a college of higher education in Dublin. It was founded in 1842 and was run by the Vincentians from 1892 until 2016. On 23 May 2014, it was announced that it was closing down, due to decreasing student numbers. The sale of the campus in Drumcondra to Dublin City University was announced on 19 June 2015 and completed on 8 April 2016. The college closed on 30 November 2016, becoming the All Hallows Campus of Dublin City University.

Alies, Sister
P270 · Person · 1986-

1986: Pastoral Assistant in Wymondham

AJ Frost
CB015 · Corporate body · 1935-
Aid to the Church in Need
CB001 · Corporate body · 1947-

Aid to the Church in Need is an international pastoral aid organization of the Catholic Church, which yearly offers financial support to more than 5,000 projects worldwide. It aims to help Christians in need wherever they are repressed or persecuted and therefore prevented from living according to their faith. In June 2002 the charity was described by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (later Pope, then Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) as “a gift of Providence for our time”. He stated that Aid to the Church in Need had “…turned out to be one of the most important Catholic charities… It is working in a worthwhile manner all over the world. “Our world is hungering and thirsting for witnesses of the risen Lord, for human beings who pass on the Faith in word and deed as well as for human beings who stand by those in need.”