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Wainwright, W Rev
P473 · Person · 1953

1943-1955: PP at All Souls, Peterborough

P258 · Person · 1926-2002

1926, November: born
1953: ordained
1965-1968: PP at St Mary's, King's Lynn
1968-1977: PP at All Souls, Peterborough
1978-1982: PP at St Edmund's, Bury St Edmunds
2001: retired from Dereham
2002: Died

W R Bullen Ltd
CB174 · Corporate body · 1887-

1988: Estimate for the provision of a Silver Chalice

Vulliamy, Michael Rev
P030 · Person · 1979-

1979: ordained
1996: mentioned in correspondence with Bishop
2018-2023: PP at St Jude’s, Whittlesey (including Sacred Heart Ramsey)
2023: retired

Vonier, Ascar Rev OSB
P097 · Person · elected 14-9-1906. Died 26-12-1938

see The life & Work of Abbot Anscar Vonier by Dom Leo Smith (1996) (accessed 7-9-2018)

Vermuelen, C Rev CRP
P670 · Person · 1926

1924/26 - writing to Bishop Cary-Elwes

Venner, Solicitor
CB062 · Corporate body · 1915

1915: Acting on behalf of Mrs Newton in offering a house to the Mission in Wymondham

P274 · Person · 1857–1932

St Joseph’s church, Bishop's Stortford, was a gift of Father Oliver Vassall-Phillips from his own family resources. He became the first Rector of the church. He died at sea on 8 May 1932, while returning to Bishop’s Stortford after a strenuous preaching tour of South Africa. He was aged 75. The eldest son of Robert Lowe Grant Vasall of Bristol, he was educated at Eton, and Baliol College, Oxford. He became a catholic in 1878, then entered the Redemptorist Order and was ordained as a priest in 1884. Before coming to Bishop’s Stortford he had been rector in Limerick, Liverpool and Bristol. He was buried at Bishop’s Stortford 13 May 1932.
(see: (accessed 22-5-2019)

P996 · Person · 1949-

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Vanpoulles Ltd
CB025 · Corporate body · 1952-2018

1952: Supply of Font in Oak for March Church

Vanderweyden, NW Mr
P105 · Person · 1952-

Provided place to say mass for March RC community and later Chapel built from a barn.

Van Schaik, J G
P756 · Person · 1983-

1983: appointed Clerk of Works for the build of the church of the Holy Family in King's Lynn

Ushaw College
CB215 · Corporate body · 1808-2011

Ushaw College (formally St Cuthbert's College, Ushaw), a former Catholic seminary, which is now a heritage and cultural tourist attraction. The College is known for its Georgian and Victorian Gothic architecture and listed nineteenth-century chapels.
It was founded in 1808 by scholars from the English College, Douai, who had fled France after the French Revolution. Ushaw College was affiliated with Durham University from 1968 and was the principal Roman Catholic seminary for the training of Catholic priests in the north of England.
In 2011 the seminary closed, due to the shortage of vocations. Durham university agreed to catalogue and archive the Ushaw library and inventory the other collections to ensure their preservation and specialist conservation.

P998 · Person · 1900-

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