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Warrington, John Rev
P034 · Person · 1998

1998: writing as Bishop Smith's Private Secretary

Ware, Ernest G Mr
P094 · Person · 1924-

Surgeon recommended by Bishop Care-Elwes to Fr Clare of March.

Wardell Armstrong LLP
CB284 · Corporate body · 2021

2021: deposit of report re St Francis of Assisi Church, Papworth Everard

P421 · Person · 1930-1995

1930, 19 October: born
1970: School Manager (St Martha's, King's Lynn)
-1973: Chair of King's Lynn Council of Churches
1978: Member of the Council of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
1995, 6 January: Death

Ward, Mary
P406 · Person · 2002

2002: Secretary of Norwich branch of Walsingham Association

Ward Gethin & Co
CB149 · Corporate body · 1979

1979: Advice re Capital Transfer Tax

Ward & Woolnough
CB138 · Corporate body · 1928

1928: The Hippodrome Cinema opened in 1928 designed for the Bancroft family by Messrs F.B. Ward & C.E.A. Woolnough
1951 - Hippodrome Cinema, March

Walter, Pat Mrs
P410 · Person · 2005

2005: Secretary of Norwich branch of Walsingham Association

P635 · Person · 1926-2017

1979: writing to Bishop Clark

Born: Woolwich, 9 November 1926
Ordained: 30 May 1953
1979-2002: Bishop of the Forces
Resigned: 7 March 1998 (as Titular Bishop of Tamalluma)
Retired: 24 May 2002 ( as Bishop of the Forces)
Died: 26 December 2017

The Military Vicariate of the British Forces was raised to a Military Ordinariate on 21 July 1986.

Walduck, Linda
P516 · Person · 1990

1990: presenting final account for payment

P593 · Person · 1945-2015

Charles Arthur Waldron was born on 4th July 1921 in Muswell Hill, London. He went to the Abbey School in Ramsgate in 1930; won a scholarship to Douai School; articled in 1938 for five years to a Chartered Accountant and also attended training classes of the Catholic Evidence Guild.
In the Second World War he initially joined the Home Guard. He served from 1941 as a radar mechanic in the RAF and crossed to France in September 1944 on RAF operations with his OBOE radio-location unit and by November 1944 was established in Holland and later Germany until demobbed.
He joined the St Augustine's Abbey in 1945; his monastic profession in January 1947. After his ordination to the priesthood, studies at Manresa College and teaching at Madeley Court, he was appointed headmaster of the Ramsgate based “Abbey Day School”.
After his retirement as Headmaster and return to the Abbey at Ramsgate in 1987, he went to Ghana as first superior of Kristo Buase, the Benedictine monastic foundation in Ghana.
When Abbot Gilbert Jones, was elected Abbot President of the Subiaco Congregation and Fr Bernard was elected the sixth Abbot of Ramsgate. He retired as Abbot in 1996 and dies on 21st January 2015.

Waitz, Sigmund, Rev
P264 · Person · 1864-1941

1886: Ordained
1913: Bishop of Cibrya
1934: Archbishop of Salzberg
1938: (retired) Apostolic Administrator od Inssbruck0Feldkirch, Austria