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Anglia Television Limited
CB282 · Corporate body · 1959-

Launched in 1959, ITV Anglia, previously known as Anglia Television, is the ITV franchise holder for the East of England. Based at Anglia House in Norwich, with regional news bureaux in the region. ITV Anglia is owned and operated by ITV plc under the licence name of ITV Broadcasting Limited

Annie, PCC
P511 · Person · 1985

1985: writing to Bishop Clark

Apostolic Delegation
CB041 · Corporate body · 1914-

Formal diplomatic relations between the United Kingdom and the Holy See resumed in 1914 and an Apostolic Delegation to Great Britain was established on 21 November 1938. The Apostolic Delegation to Great Britain was promoted to the rank of an Apostolic Nunciature by Pope John Paul II in 1982.
(see accessed 21-11-2018)

CB191 · Corporate body · 1911-

1971: Donation for Walsingham Appeal

  1. Vicariate Apostolic of the Midlands District in 1688 and grew very slowly until large growth during the industrial revolution.
  2. Vicariate Apostolic of Central District and a new vicariate created out of the eastern district.
  3. The Diocese of Birmingham under the Archdiocese of Westminster
    28 October 1911. The Archdiocese of Birmingham
CB126 · Corporate body · 1999-

AHP established in 1999. Two directors (Neil Burton and Andrew Derrick) and one consultant (Frank Kelsall).
AHP's expertise covers all areas of the historic built environment, including heritage statements and historic building reports, conservation plans, listing assessments, appeals and public inquiries and specialist strategic advice.

2019: Taking Stock - Diocese of East Anglia - Documenting RC Churches and Chapels

CB239 · Corporate body · 1967-

The Anglican–Roman Catholic International Commission was established by Archbishop of Canterbury Michael Ramsey and Pope Paul VI in 1967. Its terms of reference were established by the Malta Report in the following year. ARCIC has completed two phases two phases – 1970–1981, and 1983–2005, and is now in its third. It was created to seek ecumenical progress between the Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Communion. The sponsors are the Anglican Consultative Council and the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity (formerly the Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity).

First phase: 1970–81 - A Final Reportfor "ARCIC I" was issued in 1981 dealing with three topics: The Eucharist, Ministry and Authority.
Second phase: 1983–2011 - covered a more diverse range of topics including: Salvation and the Church, 1986; The Church as Communion, 1991; Life in Christ: Morals, Communion and the Church, 1993; The Gift of Authority, 1999, and culminating in the publication of Mary: Grace and Hope in Christ in 2005.
Third phase: 2011– present - A preparatory commission for a third phase of ARCIC met in London in October 2007. ARCIC III met for the first time in Bose, Italy, in 2011, in 2012 in Hong Kong, 2013 Rio de Janeiro and in Kwa-Zulu Natal in 2014, Villa Palazzola, Italy in 2015, Toronto, Canada in 2016, Erfurt, Germany in 2017, Assisi, Italy in 2018, Jerusalem in 2019, and online in 2020.

P206 · Person · 1900-1954

John Peter Arendzen was born in January 1873 in Haarlem, Holland, the eldest of nine and the first of four to be ordained to the priesthood in England. After his education in Holland, John entered St. Thomas' Seminary, Hammersmith and transferred, aged 20, to St. Mary's College, Oscott in March 1893 and ordained there on 21st September 1895.

After a PhD at Bonn University and his DD at Munich University, he graduated at Christ's College, Cambridge with a BA in 1901 and an MA in 1906 . Whilst there he was assigned to the Mission Church in St. Ives. Initially he celebrated Mass at a small wooden chapel, purchased by benefactor George Pauling, but such was his missionary zeal that from a base of no Catholics, by 1902, fifty six were evident and a larger church was required. George Pauling donated £1000 which bought the redundant Church of St. Andrew in Cambridge. This was dismantled, transported by barge to St Ives, and rebuilt on its present site in Needingworth Road, in less than 5 months.

On Sunday 16 March 1902, he laid the foundation stone which included the Latin inscription “AD FIDEM REDEANT ANGLI” ('May the English return to the Faith'). The church was reconsecrated on 9th July 1902 by Bishop Riddell, Bishop of Northampton and dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. At the opening ceremony Fr. Arendzen's brother Leo acted as thurifer, their parents and three sisters were in the congregation.

Fr Arendzen was a tireless, devoted, eloquent and scholarly priest, totally dedicated to his life in the Church, and to whatever role he was assigned. He won a place in the hearts of parishioners, fellow priests, students and all who knew him. He had a reputation as a brilliant orator and was named by one national newspaper as 'one of the preachers of the century', no mean feat given that English was not his native language. He was a prolific author writing many essays, several articles to the Catholic Encyclopaedia in 1913, the Journal of Theological Studies, the Jewish Quarterly and annotations to the Douai Bible. His literary activity included the Catholic Gazette, the Catholic Times and several books, including: 'Ten Minutes a Day to Heaven', 'Heaven Sense: What Scripture and the Catholic Church Really Teach about Heaven'.

He died in London on 21st July 1954 aged 81, his Requiem Mass was held at Sacred Heart Church, Kilburn, across the street from the Arendzen family home.

Armitage, John Rev
P021 · Person · Ordained 1979

Appointed as the Rector of the National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham by Bishop Alan Hopes. Took up his appointment on Ash Wednesday, February 18th 2015.
Parish Priest at St Margaret's in Canning Town and St Anthony's at Forest Gate. Vicar General in the Diocese of Brentwood from 2003.

Arthur Gibbs
CB121 · Corporate body · 1920

1920: Sale of Hut for Church at Leiston

Arthur Young / Allan D Reid
CB098 · Corporate body · 1921

1921: Aldeburgh Church design

Arthur Young (1853 – 22 December 1924), Architect, particularly of Catholic churches. He was born in 1853 at Stamford, Lincolnshire, the second son of Charles Edward Young, and was educated there at Stamford Grammar School.

Arthurton, Anthony
P712 · Person · 1998-

1998: SJB Book of Rememberance
2021: Graduated Durham University in 2021 reading Classical Civilisation
2022: Graduated Masters programme at Durham University in 2022 reading Ancient Philosophy

Ashton, E J Miss
P174 · Person · 1986

1986: letter signed by her to Fr O'Toole at Sawston

CB004 · Corporate body · Founded 1986

Being Alongside’ (aka B.A.) is the operational name for the ‘Association for Pastoral Care in Mental Health’, (APCMH), a Christian based, voluntary association of individual members and affiliated groups who recognise the importance of spiritual values and support in mental health. BA was founded in 1986 through the pioneering effort of Christian parents whose son was mentally ill. They wanted to raise awareness of the spiritual needs of people with mental health problems both in mental health services and in churches.