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CB294 · Corporate body · 2021

An on-line newspaper successor to the former Catholic Universe. The first subscriber and supporter, is Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster.
Launched Friday 8th October.

University of East Anglia
CB287 · Corporate body · 1963-

The University of East Anglia (UEA) is a public research university in Norwich, England. It was established in 1963 on a 320-acre campus west of the city centre.

Ushaw College
CB215 · Corporate body · 1808-2011

Ushaw College (formally St Cuthbert's College, Ushaw), a former Catholic seminary, which is now a heritage and cultural tourist attraction. The College is known for its Georgian and Victorian Gothic architecture and listed nineteenth-century chapels.
It was founded in 1808 by scholars from the English College, Douai, who had fled France after the French Revolution. Ushaw College was affiliated with Durham University from 1968 and was the principal Roman Catholic seminary for the training of Catholic priests in the north of England.
In 2011 the seminary closed, due to the shortage of vocations. Durham university agreed to catalogue and archive the Ushaw library and inventory the other collections to ensure their preservation and specialist conservation.

Vanpoulles Ltd
CB025 · Corporate body · 1952-2018

1952: Supply of Font in Oak for March Church

Venner, Solicitor
CB062 · Corporate body · 1915

1915: Acting on behalf of Mrs Newton in offering a house to the Mission in Wymondham

W R Bullen Ltd
CB174 · Corporate body · 1887-

1988: Estimate for the provision of a Silver Chalice

Ward & Woolnough
CB138 · Corporate body · 1928

1928: The Hippodrome Cinema opened in 1928 designed for the Bancroft family by Messrs F.B. Ward & C.E.A. Woolnough
1951 - Hippodrome Cinema, March

Ward Gethin & Co
CB149 · Corporate body · 1979

1979: Advice re Capital Transfer Tax

Wardell Armstrong LLP
CB284 · Corporate body · 2021

2021: deposit of report re St Francis of Assisi Church, Papworth Everard

Wearing & Hastings
CB088 · Corporate body · 1910-2006

Established in 1910 by Stanley J. Wearing (1881-1960), his first commission being the YMCA in Thetford. His other buildings included St Mary's Baptist Church, the Howlett and White Shoe factory (both in Norwich) and many council houses, the earliest being in 1912 at Thetford. During the Second World War, he was appointed by the National Buildings Record to sketch old buildings in Norwich and Norfolk. He was author of 'Georgian Norwich: Its Builders' and three volumes of 'Beautiful Norfolk Buildings'.
In 1953 Barry Hastings (d 1999), who had worked with Wearing before the war, was taken into partnership. He was joined by Anthony Rossi from 1968 to 1972 and Michael Brooks (d 1983), who became a partner in 1975. In 1984 Terry Norton became a partner, he retired in 2006 and the practice was taken over by Reynolds Jury Architecture as a going concern.
The practice's clients include area health authorities and local authorities in Norfolk; charities including the Great Hospital, Norwich, the Great Yarmouth Municipal Charities and the Norwich Consolidated Charities; ecclesiastical work included work for the Baptist Union, the Roman Catholic dioceses of Northampton and East Anglia and the Anglican diocese of Norwich (including quinquennial inspections); and it also undertook work for housing associations, the Ministry of Defence and many private clients.
The practice initially operated from 3 Upper King Street, than 3 Redwell Street, Norwich until 1957, moving to 5 Cathedral Street, Norwich, until 1965, when it moved to 14 Princes Street: it remained there until 2006.

CB173 · Corporate body · 1988

1988: permission for pilgrimage and Tridentine Mass

from letter head: "West Mercia Roman / Catholic Mission / (Blessed Virgin Mary and / Saint Chad with Saint Werburgh / Traditional Roman Rite Mass Organization"

CB264 · Corporate body · 1974-

WNDC was formed in 1974 by the merger of the Municipal Borough of King's Lynn, Hunstanton UDC and Downham Market UDC, Docking Rural District, Downham Rural District, Freebridge Lynn Rural District and Marshland Rural District. The district adopted its present name, King's Lynn and West Norfolk District Council, in 1981.

William Comer Reade
CB100 · Corporate body · 1923-1955

1924: Builder associated with sale of land in Aldeburgh
1954: Associated with proposals for repair/removal of Aldeburgh RC church tower

CB186 · Corporate body · 1963-1996

1993: Quoting for lighting project at Chapel of Reconciliation
12-1-1996: change of name to ABB Steward Limited
13-3-2015: striking off process commenced (suspended 2019)

Witham, Weld and Co
CB003 · Corporate body · 1935 - 2006

In 1791 two Catholic lawyers set up in business as Barrett and Eyston in Fig Court, one of the capital's lost inns. The Eyston family claimed collateral descent from Thomas More, a lawyer and a saint. In its early days the company allied itself closely with the movement for Catholic emancipation and the members of the Cisalpine club, launched to further the cause of the Church in England by playing down the authority of Rome. The association with the Witham family, some of whom were barristers since the early eighteenth century, came only in the 1830s. By 1900 the firm was operating as Witham, Roskell, Munster and Weld — a collection of names that not surprisingly gave way to the simpler Witham & Co in around 1935. But the Weld name reappeared when not long afterwards the company joined with another firm of Catholic solicitors based in Liverpool, run by the same family. It has been Witham and Weld ever since. In 2006, the firm of Pothecary Witham Weld was created following the merger of Pothecary & Barratt and Witham Weld.

Traditionally Witham Weld's Clients have been the Catholic church, its dioceses and clergy, and top people from the country's Catholic gentry and aristocratic stock.