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Young Jones Hair & Co
CB151 · Corporate body · 1980-?

1980: Involved in conveyancing

Young Jones Hair & Co is a predecessor of Stafford Young Jones which was itself incorporated in Attwaters Jameson Hill in November 2019.

Witham, Weld and Co
CB003 · Corporate body · 1935 - 2006

In 1791 two Catholic lawyers set up in business as Barrett and Eyston in Fig Court, one of the capital's lost inns. The Eyston family claimed collateral descent from Thomas More, a lawyer and a saint. In its early days the company allied itself closely with the movement for Catholic emancipation and the members of the Cisalpine club, launched to further the cause of the Church in England by playing down the authority of Rome. The association with the Witham family, some of whom were barristers since the early eighteenth century, came only in the 1830s. By 1900 the firm was operating as Witham, Roskell, Munster and Weld — a collection of names that not surprisingly gave way to the simpler Witham & Co in around 1935. But the Weld name reappeared when not long afterwards the company joined with another firm of Catholic solicitors based in Liverpool, run by the same family. It has been Witham and Weld ever since. In 2006, the firm of Pothecary Witham Weld was created following the merger of Pothecary & Barratt and Witham Weld.

Traditionally Witham Weld's Clients have been the Catholic church, its dioceses and clergy, and top people from the country's Catholic gentry and aristocratic stock.

P421 · Person · 1930-1995

1930, 19 October: born
1970: School Manager (St Martha's, King's Lynn)
-1973: Chair of King's Lynn Council of Churches
1978: Member of the Council of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham
1995, 6 January: Death

Ward Gethin & Co
CB149 · Corporate body · 1979

1979: Advice re Capital Transfer Tax

Venner, Solicitor
CB062 · Corporate body · 1915

1915: Acting on behalf of Mrs Newton in offering a house to the Mission in Wymondham

Tyer, Musgrove & Terry
CB266 · Corporate body · 1924

1924: In correspondence with Bishop of Northampton, Bishop Cary-Elwes

Partners in 1924: Walter Edward Tyer / Arthur Musgove / Laurence Breton Terry

TE Rudling & Co
CB332 · Corporate body · 1972-

1972: Acting for Fr Jones in Thetford

Singleton & Co
CB111 · Corporate body · 1966-67

1966: Agreement to build two garages and lease on on the grounds of RC Church in Aldeburgh

P220 · Person · 1863 (born) - 1928 (died)

1891 Charles Russell and Co. was founded by Charles, son of Lord Russell of Killowen (MP and later Attorney-General under Prime Minister Gladstone and Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales)
1912 Acting for George Craig Saunders Pauling re St Ives Endowment Fund
1921 KVCO (see,_1st_Baronet, accessed 23-3-2019)

Company now Charles Russell Speechlys - 5 Fleet Place, London EC4M 7RD (see , accessed 23-3-2019)

CB210 · Corporate body · 1906-

1906: founded
1989: Liaising about IHCT lease with Meryemana

Ollard & Ollard (1903-2013)
CB006 · Corporate body · 1903-

JWA Ollard, Kenneth Ollard, Arthur R Ollard
c. 1903: Correspondence regarding land at Hunstanton
1912: Ollard & Son
1952: Ollard & Bentley in 1952
2001: Bowser Ollard & Bentley
2013: Bowsers Solicitors

Noel Cooper & Williamson
CB108 · Corporate body · 1962

1962: enquiring about land at Leiston Church site

Mark Whyley & Son
CB067 · Corporate body · 1937

1937: Conveyancing for Bishop of Northampton

Jackaman & Sons
CB099 · Corporate body · 1923

1923: sale of Aldeburgh Presbytery to Diocese/Bishop

HT Argent & Son (-2015)
CB102 · Corporate body · 1963

1963: Writing about buying a house in Aldeburgh

Hatch & Hatch
CB141 · Corporate body · 1956

1956: dealing with Canon Hunting

1893: Law Society record Frederick George Hatch first practising law in Norwich
1905: Records show Frederick being based at 4 Theatre Street in Norwich since this date
1919: Percy Hatch joins Frederick and the firm becomes known as Hatch & Hatch
1946: Norman Frank Proctor Hatch joins the practice, becoming a Partner in 1948
1966: Current office building is constructed at 4 Theatre Street
1987: Norman Frank Proctor Hatch retires after almost 40 years as a principal
1992: Firm merges with Crotch, Brenner & Dunkley, a local firm established in 1867, whose partners included Victor N Brenner. From this date, become known as Hatch Brenner, with nine partners.s.