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Berry & Walton (1983-2018)
CB249 · Corporate body · 1983-2018

1983: Incorporated
1986: change of name
2013: liquidation

Bertram R Yorke
CB097 · Corporate body · 1920

1920: conveyancing for Aldeburgh & Leiston

Birkett Westhorp & Long
CB206 · Corporate body · 1821-

1989: prepared lease for St Nicholas Church, Ipswich

Coulton and Son (1842?-1938)
CB302 · Corporate body · 1842?-1938

Coulton (JJ) and Son (Richard C), was acquired by Kenneth F.M. Bush in 1938

Cross Ram & Co (1810-)
CB270 · Corporate body · 1810-

1974: Writing to Bishop's Office

The firm claims to one of the oldest in the country. Its name is derived from the partnership of Frederick Cross and Willett Ram at the end of the 19th Century – but the records of the Mary Warner Charity (which continues to this day) show that its legal precursor was established in Halesworth before 1738. The firm is believed to have existed on the same site throughout although the handsome purpose-built building at 18 The Thoroughfare was constructed in 1810 by Peter Jermyn.

Ernest B Kendall & Rigby
CB164 · Corporate body · 1978-1981

1978: Bequest for Walsingham
1981: Probate and Legacy for Walsingham via Bishop Clark

Harrington, Bigham & Englar
CB007 · Corporate body · c. 1920 -

HARRINGTON, HOWARD SAWYER: Lawyer; b. Brooklyn, N. Y., May 30, 1879; s. late Louis A. and Catherine S. Harrington; grad. Columbia Univ., A.B., 1899; A.M., LL.B., 1902; m. Petersburg, Va., June 14, 1905, Anne Pickrell McKenney. Specialist in admiralty and insurance law, senior mem. Harrington, Bigham & Englar, lawyers. Mem. Am. Bar Ass'n, N. Y. State Bar Ass'n, N. Y. City Bar Ass'n, Maritime Daw Ass'n of U. S., Maritime Ass'n of Port of N. Y., Va. Hist. Soc, Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity, St. George's Soc. of N. Y., Veteran Corps of Artillery, Soc. of the Cincinnati. Clubs: Calumet, Fencers, Ardslev, Sleepy Hollow, Whitehall, Columbia Univ., Racquet (Philadelphia), Royal Thames Yacht (London). Residence: "Berwick Hall," Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y. Address: 64 Wall St., N. Y. City.

Hatch & Hatch
CB141 · Corporate body · 1956

1956: dealing with Canon Hunting

1893: Law Society record Frederick George Hatch first practising law in Norwich
1905: Records show Frederick being based at 4 Theatre Street in Norwich since this date
1919: Percy Hatch joins Frederick and the firm becomes known as Hatch & Hatch
1946: Norman Frank Proctor Hatch joins the practice, becoming a Partner in 1948
1966: Current office building is constructed at 4 Theatre Street
1987: Norman Frank Proctor Hatch retires after almost 40 years as a principal
1992: Firm merges with Crotch, Brenner & Dunkley, a local firm established in 1867, whose partners included Victor N Brenner. From this date, become known as Hatch Brenner, with nine partners.s.

HT Argent & Son (-2015)
CB102 · Corporate body · 1963

1963: Writing about buying a house in Aldeburgh

Jackaman & Sons
CB099 · Corporate body · 1923

1923: sale of Aldeburgh Presbytery to Diocese/Bishop

Mark Whyley & Son
CB067 · Corporate body · 1937

1937: Conveyancing for Bishop of Northampton

Noel Cooper & Williamson
CB108 · Corporate body · 1962

1962: enquiring about land at Leiston Church site

Ollard & Ollard (1903-2013)
CB006 · Corporate body · 1903-

JWA Ollard, Kenneth Ollard, Arthur R Ollard
c. 1903: Correspondence regarding land at Hunstanton
1912: Ollard & Son
1952: Ollard & Bentley in 1952
2001: Bowser Ollard & Bentley
2013: Bowsers Solicitors