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Catholic Truth Society (CTS)
CB105 · Corporate body · 1868-

The Catholic Truth Society, a Catholic Charity (no. 218951), has been publishing since 1868. With its mission to communicate the truths of the Catholic faith, CTS is one of the oldest Catholic organisations existing today.

CB248 · Corporate body · 2000-2001

The Committee met for the first time on 25 September 2000 and held sixteen meetings. It received information about the present arrangements in dioceses and how they are working. It sought contributions from all who wished to make them, and received over two hundred written submissions from both individuals and organisations. It also met leading organisations in the field.
Lord Nolan discussed child protection issues with Bishop Laurence Forristal, Bishop of Ossory, and other members of an advisory committee of the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference.
The Final Report "A Programme for Action" was published in September 2001.